About Us

The North Shore Black Bear Society is a non-profit organization. We work in partnership with local and regional governments and other groups involved with black bears and bear attractant issues. Our education program is delivered by Executive Director, Luci Cadman, and a team of dedicated volunteers across the North Shore. We support residents, visitors and bears in the District of North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver, and the District of West Vancouver.

Our educational outreach is provided year-round in the following ways:

  • Responding to reports made to us by phone, email and social media regarding black bear, cougar and coyote behaviour and attractant management. The North Shore Black Bear Society has a direct cell line (604 317 4911) which is managed by the Executive Director. Callers who select option #2 on the District of North Vancouver’s Bear Line [604-990-BEAR (2327)] are redirected to the Society’s cell. Messages left for the NSBBS on the District Bear Line are checked each day.
  • Engaging presentations to groups, including general public, elementary schools, Guides and Scouts, summer camps, English language learners, park rangers, specialist outdoor groups, and companies operating in bear habitat.
  • Canvassing neighbourhoods where bear activity has been reported.
  • Proactive canvassing in hotspot communities and community workshops.
  • Placing ‘Bear-in-Area’ signs in the City and District of North Vancouver. West Vancouver Parks place signs in their district.
  • Maintaining a database on black bear, cougar, bobcat and coyote activity on the North Shore.
  • Interactive displays at all major North Shore community events and trailheads.
  • ‘Welcome to Bear Country’ mail-outs to new homeowners on the North Shore.
  • Maintaining a website and creating content for our Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).
  • A variety of media opportunities including print, radio, podcast and television interviews and columns published throughout the year.
  • Writing educational bear columns for Pique News Magazine and North Shore Daily Post.

The North Shore Black Bear Society is part of the North Shore Bear Working Group, a bi-monthly meeting of partners working to reduce bear activity in urban environments, including, The BC Conservation Officer Service, the District of North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver and the District of West Vancouver, Metro Vancouver and RCMP.


The North Shore Black Bear Society hires one permanent paid staff member, Executive Director, Luci Cadman. Our board of directors and volunteer team share their time to support the Society’s outreach.


Luci Cadman moved to the North Shore from England in 2013, and was inspired to learn more about bears upon encountering them in her former neighbourhood, Blueridge. Luci joined the Society as a volunteer in 2016 and quickly progressed to a part-time, paid position as assistant to the Executive Director. In 2018, Luci was promoted to Education Coordinator and tasked with managing and presenting much of the Society’s outreach. Luci expanded her knowledge and understanding of bears by respectfully observing them and taking part in professional development opportunities. Luci is certified in Bear Safety and Awareness and trained as a Bear Viewing Guide.

Luci manages the day-to-day requirements of the Society, presents workshops, responds to bear reports, creates our website and social media content, represents the Society for media opportunities and writes educational columns for various news outlets.


Danielle Herschmiller was raised on the North Shore and is a local elementary school teacher. Danielle’s dedication to bears and the community is unparalleled and she volunteers her time to the Society, year-round. Danielle shares her wildlife experience, knowledge and love of outdoor learning with her students and has helped us to form excellent relationships within the local school districts.



Ellie Lamb is a certified Bear Viewing Guide with over 20 years experience guiding in Bella Coola. Ellie volunteers her time as a director on our board and works with the NSBBS as a consultant on bear behaviour and body language.

Visit our YouTube channel to view The Best Practices for Exploring in Areas Where Bears Live, presented by Ellie.


Emily Pickett (Chair), Danielle Herschmiller, Ellie Lamb, Tom Saare, Janet Zhu, Tony Webb, Margot Finlay, Jonathan Yasayko, Christina Prikryl.


The Society relies on a small and dedicated team of volunteers. Our volunteers help us to distribute educational material to homes, assist at community events, enter data and hang wildlife signs in the City and District of North Vancouver. We are extremely grateful to the people who share their time to support the coexistence of humans and bears. The demands on our small non-profit are growing each year and we aim to further expand our volunteer team in 2022.

We would like to express our gratitude to Tony and Michelle for sharing their knowledge of bears and ethically taken photographs and videos with the North Shore Black Bear Society. Their images have helped us to increase engagement and awareness and we are endlessly grateful for their support and friendship.


The North Shore Black Bear Network was formed in 1999 after 39 bears were killed, and its goal was to reduce the number of black bears killed on the North Shore. The Network was successful in its efforts to raise awareness of bear attractant management and increase understanding of bear behaviour and was successful in encouraging residents to work to reduce bear deaths.

In 2005, the Network volunteers from the North Shore formed the North Shore Black Bear Society to provide a unified voice for the local volunteers and to allow liability insurance to be purchased for those who are involved in educating and advising residents. The Society’s Board of Directors continues to meet bi-monthly, to provide direction to the Society and its Executive Director

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