Keep Bears Wild


Volunteers Welcome

Rewarding volunteer opportunities are available in a variety of activities. Volunteers help to educate North Shore residents about bear behaviour, bear biology and attractant management at community events, presentations, in mail-outs to new homeowners, in interactive display design and creation, and during neighbourhood canvasses. To find out more information, please contact us at

The North Shore Black Bear Society welcomes volunteers of all ages. To sign up as a volunteer please click here to complete the volunteer application form. 

Visitors to our displays appreciate information that is provided by volunteers of all ages. Here is our youngest volunteer who is overseeing this amazing suitcase activity that was designed and created  by student volunteers. This activity requires people to match the footprints and scat with pictures of a black bear, raccoon, coyote and cougar.

The activities that volunteers assist with at community events are educational and engaging. This visitor is solving the puzzle about what to do if you meet a bear. 


We welcome volunteers who are new to Canada as they can communicate effectively with newcomers. This display shows the bear’s natural habitat with nature’s food sources and on the other side, a residential area with attractants that can draw wildlife out of its natural habitat. It was beautifully designed and painted by a volunteer.




Volunteers hang signs in the District of North Vancouver to alert residents of recent bear sightings.