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The Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies

This DVD, featuring Canadian conservationist Charlie Russell, was filmed in Kamchatka, the most easterly region of Russia. It chronicles Charlie's experiences living with and raising grizzly bear cubs. Considered by many to be the most dangerous animal in the world, the grizzly bear, an endangered species, finds a protector and defender in Charlie Russell. As a surrogate mother, he struggles to reintroduce orphaned cubs to the wild against the backdrop of a dramatic landscape filled with predators and poachers. 
A copy of this DVD was donated by the North Shore Black Bear Society to each of the North Shore's three main libraries: West Vancouver City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver.

Click here for more information about the film, Charlie Russell and his studies.

Children's Books

Bear Smart Kids
written and illustrated by Evelyn Kirkaldy
Western Canada Wilderness Committee, 2002
ISBN 1-895123-17-8
An activity book that promises "to make you smarter than the average bear."

In the Path of Great Bear
by Carol McTavish & Lori Nunn
Illustrations by Linden Wentzloff
McTavish & Nunn, 2001
ISBN 0-9688957-0-0
A story about a young girl who encounters a grizzly while riding her mountain bike.
Available at Kidsbooks, Edgemont Village;

Never Bug A Bear
by Carol McTavish
Illustrations by Linden Wentzloff
McTavish Publishing, 2009
ISBN 978-0-9811627-0-6
A book of poetry about respecting wildlife and preserving and protecting animal habitat.
Available at Kidsbooks, Edgemont Village;



by Kevin Van Tighem
Altitude Publishing, 1997
ISBN 1-55153-811-3

Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance
by Stephen Herrero
McClelland & Stewart, 2002
ISBN 0-7710-4059-8

Bear-ology: Fascinating Bear Facts, Tales & Trivia
by Sylvia Dolson
PixyJack Press, 2009
ISBN 978-0-9773724-5-4

Black Bears: A Natural History
by Dave Taylor
Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2006
ISBN 1-55041-849-1
Copies of this book were purchased by the North Shore Black Bear Society, and one copy was given to each public and private school in North and West Vancouver in 2009.

Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bear Country
by Linda Masterson
PixyJack Press, 2006
ISBN 0-9773724-0-5

Shadow of the Bear: Travels in Vanishing Wilderness
by Brian Payton
Viking Canada (Penguin Group), 2006
ISBN 978-0-670-04409-2


Non-Fiction Narrative

The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek
by Sid Marty
McClelland & Stewart, 2008
ISBN 978-0-7710-5699-4

Grizzly Heart: Living Without Fear Among the Brown Bears of Kamchatka
by Charlie Russell amd Maureen Enns
Vintage Canada (Random House), 2002
ISBN 0-679-31195-5

Smiling Bears: A Zookeeper Explores the Behaviour and Emotional Life of Bears
by Else Poulsen
Greystone Books, 2009
ISBN 078-1-55365-387-5